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Avoiding Moon Bounce Injuries

Chester County Personal Injury Lawyers: How to Avoid Moon Bounce Injuries

Bounce houses, castles, moonwalks, and other inflatable bounces are injuring children in the United States at alarming rates. Even though these colorful and festive bounces look like fun, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that 82,203 people were injured on inflatables between 2008 and 2013, with more than 90 percent of those incidents happening on moon bounces. Two-thirds of the injuries are to legs and arms while 15 percent involve head and face trauma.

In 2010, a study published in the journal Pediatrics reported that a child was injured on a moon bounce every 46 minutes.

Kids will be kids, and while not every bump, scratch, and bruise on inflatables can be avoidable, there are some precautions that you can take in order to keep your children safe.

One Child at a Time

While this tip may be a real party killer, it is actually the easiest way to avoid injuries. Multiple studies have shown that when many children play on a moon bounce simultaneously, more incidents are likely to occur due to collisions or falling on top of one other. If there are many kids on the moon bounce, enforce the rule of no touching. They should all keep a safe distance from one another.

All Kids Should Be the Same Age and Size

If children are drastically different sizes, possible injuries may be worse if they fall or collide with one another. Enforce a rule that keeps bigger children and smaller kids on the moon bounce at different times.

An Age Limit

If a child is younger than six years old, they should not be allowed on a moon bounce. Studies found that more than a third of children injured on bounce houses are younger than six years of age.

No Tricks

Children should not be allowed to perform any type of stunt, such as flips or somersaults, while in a moon bounce. These tricks are the most common cause of spinal injury, which could be fatal.

Take Care When Entering and Exiting

A significant amount of moon bounce injuries happen as children get on or off the inflatable. Warn your kids about the possible dangers and encourage them to take their time entering and exiting the moon bounce. Lend them a hand if necessary. It is also a good idea to put padding around the outside of the moon bounce exit to prevent falls.

Be Mindful of Wind

If it is a windy day, anchor the moon bounce or skip it all together.

Make the Surroundings Safe

Whether you are setting up a moon bounce by yourself or have hired a company to do it, make sure it is positioned far away from walls, concrete surfaces, sharp objects, green houses, or any other areas of potential danger.


Be careful of possible deflation. There have been multiple reports of kids becoming trapped within the heavy plastic when a moon bounce suddenly deflates, which is a suffocation risk. The generator powering your inflatable should have plenty of gas, and electric generators should be plugged into GFI-type outlets. If the contraption starts to collapse, get the children out as soon as possible.

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