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Nissan Facing $231 Million Lawsuit Over Defective Brakes

Delaware County Products Liability Lawyers: Nissan Facing $231 Million Lawsuit Over Defective BrakesNissan North American is facing a $231 million lawsuit for allegedly withholding information from the public about a potentially deadly auto defect. Plaintiffs in the case claim the company knew about defective brakes in its Infinity sport utility vehicle (SUV) and other vehicles, but did nothing. The same defect is being blamed for a fatal car accident that claimed three lives.

A Deadly Defect

Court documents cite allegations that the car manufacturer withheld information about a software component in the brakes of some of their top-selling cars. The defect can potentially cause the brakes to fail, rendering the car unstoppable. The failure already resulted in one incident during 2012 when an elderly driver lost control of his SUV, a 2004 Infinity QX56, slamming into the side of a minivan transporting a mother and her two young children, killing all three.

The vehicle manufacturer contended that the accident was the result of the driver hitting the gas pedal instead of the brake. Prosecutors charged the elderly driver with vehicular manslaughter. During their investigation, prosecutors discovered that Nissan had received nearly 4,000 complaints about a brake defect in the QX56 and other vehicles, but failed to issue a recall and did not warn customers about the potential danger.

They also learned that the brake failure the man had experienced was similar to other issues described in a federal class action lawsuit against the car company concerning the same type of vehicles. Nissan settled that case in 2014 in a deal that offered up to $800 in compensation for buyers of 350,000 of its vehicles. Following these revelations, all charges against the driver were dropped. The man subsequently joined the husband of the woman who was fatally injured and other family members in their wrongful death and product liability lawsuit against Nissan.

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