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Summer Safety Series Part IV: Teen Driving Accidents

Delaware County Car Accident Lawyers discuss Teen Driving Accidents

With summer comes more driving freedom for teen children. Parents should air a side of caution when letting their teens out on the open road this summer as the number of teen driving accidents surges significantly during this time.

With the increased usage of cell phones, it is no wonder distracted driving accidents have become more prevalent.  Studies show that one in four car accidents are caused by cell phone use, and many parents are not helping this dire situation. Surveys concluded that 55 percent of parents use their phones while driving to check apps, and 62 percent use their phones to respond to incoming texts or calls, including contacting their children before they reach their destination safely.

It is important for parents to recognize this trend and the role they are setting for their children by constantly checking their cell phones while driving. It places the parent and passengers’ lives at risk as well as sets a poor example for new teen drivers. It is crucial for parents to talk to their teens about the risks of distracted driving and advise teens to pull over safely before looking at a phone, or make sure they have a passenger to assist them on long trips so they can fully focus on driving. If a teen sees a notification pop up, it is very tempting to pick up the phone within seconds. That is all the time needed for a life-altering crash, which is why it is so important to instruct teens to keep their phones out of sight.

Other Reasons Behind Teen Car Accidents in Summer

Cell phones are not the only distraction teens and their parents must contend with. Other causes of distracted driving can include trying to multi-task, such as eating or applying makeup, or not paying attention because of loud music. It is much more common for teens to take road trips with a car full of friends during the summertime. Sunny and pleasant driving conditions may also tempt teens to drive recklessly. Music apps and navigation maps can be pre-set before trips begin and cell phones should be placed out of sight so they do not become a safety risk.

As curfew is extended during the summer, teens are likely to be driving late at night more frequently. Drowsy driving is a significant safety risk and should be regarded on the same hazard level as drunk driving. Encourage teens to call an adult or use a ride-share service if they are too tired to drive, as studies show that one in 10 teens have fallen asleep behind the wheel.

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