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Birth Control Pills Recalled After Mix-Up Discovered

Philadelphia Products Liability Lawyers discuss recalled birth control pills. A batch of birth control pills were recalled after a mix-up in the packaging was discovered. On Tuesday, a pharmaceutical company based in Baltimore announced the recall of one lot of Mibelas 24 Fe tablets. A consumer of the product prompted the recall after she complained about the packaging error to the company. The blister package covering was incorrectly rotated, so that the four non-hormonal placebo tablets replaced the active ones. Women could ingest the incorrect pills and be at-risk for birth control failure and pregnancy. The affected pill packages were distributed nationwide to wholesalers, clinics, and retail pharmacies. Consumers should inform their doctor, and then return the birth control pills to the place where they were purchased.

The consequences of using a recalled drug could be deadly. Although product recalls appear to happen on a regular basis, the danger they may present consumers could result in the development of serious illnesses or medical conditions and even fatalities. Manufacturers and businesses have a responsibility to ensure their quality control measures are intact and protect, not harm, their consumers.

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