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I-76 Among Most Congested Highways

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers Represent Those Injured in Car AccidentsA recent study by transportation analytics company, Inrix, analyzed traffic congestion in cities worldwide. The study was the largest ever done and covered 1,064 cities in 38 countries. Some 240 of the cities were in the United States. As the U.S. economy grows and lower gas prices encourage people to drive, congestion can only increase.

Los Angeles took top honors for most congested city both in the nation, and worldwide. In fact, five of the cities in the top 10 worldwide ranking were American and three of them made the top five. After Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco ranked third and fourth. Atlanta took the eighth spot and Miami was tenth.

Inrix estimates that congestion costs the United States economy billions of dollars and can be a threat to future economic growth. Their data showed that freight delivery and business related travel were slowest in Boston and Chicago.

I-76 in Philadelphia Included in Top 10 Most Congested Roads

Local drivers may feel differently, but Philadelphia was not in the top 10 for congestion in American cities. However, when it comes to the most congested U.S. corridors, I-76 made the list at number nine. The most congested road was I-95 where it runs westbound out of New York City. Drivers there can expect to spend 86 hours per year sitting in traffic. That equates to more than three and a half days every year. In Philadelphia, the worst stretch of I-76 is going south from the Conshohocken exit (Exit 332) to Spring Garden Street (Exit 343). The average driver experiences 58 hours of delay every year on this route.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) report for 2015 shows that the number of car accidents on interstate roads was up from the year before. In 2015, there were 610 crashes on Pennsylvania interstates that made up 31.5 percent of the total crashes for that year. This was up nearly three percent from the previous year that saw 530 accidents.

The Philadelphia portion of Interstate 76 is known as the Schuylkill Expressway and dates back to 1949. Built over a ten-year period, it largely predates the interstate system and therefore was not built to modern standards. The road is narrow and covers both rugged terrain and riverfront areas making it difficult to widen and modernize. Over the decades as the population has grown, congestion has worsened making it the busiest road in Philadelphia and also in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Because of the many accidents and fatalities that occur on the Schuylkill Expressway, it has earned the local nickname “the Sure-kill.” In 2000, a horrific accident occurred when a tractor-trailer plowed into a line of stopped cars. Not stopped by the first crash, it continued on and burst into flames causing two other cars to explode. In all ten cars and two trucks were damaged. A total of three people died and nine were injured.

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