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Safe Driving on Prom Night

Delaware Car Accident Lawyers Discuss Safe Driving on Prom Night

After all the preparation parents do for their teens’ big night, tips on safe driving may be an afterthought. Drunk driving during prom season can be prevented when parents provide teen drivers with tips in the weeks leading up to prom night. Parental advice can play an important role in making a safe driving plan for prom night and the days that follow.

If renting a limo or hiring a driver for the evening is not an option for your teen on prom night, the following tips can be helpful if your teen is driving, or even if he or she is planning to be a passenger in another teen’s car.

  • Start the conversation by reminding your teen that you want them to have a memorable time at prom but it is all pointless if they end up in a tragic accident.
  • Teens should be reminded that the number one killer of teenagers is car accidents.
  • Point out that unfamiliar dress or shoes can inhibit driving or reduce reaction time. Suggest having some “driving shoes” on hand that your teen is comfortable driving in.
  • Make sure your teen knows exactly where he or she is going. Taking a dry-run in daylight hours of where they will be driving is best.
  • Limit the number of teens in the car.
  • Confirm which car will be used that evening and who the car belongs to.
  • Confirm that everyone in the car will wear seat belts.
  • Confirm that your teen will be the only driver of the car, if that is what you expect.
  • Talk about concentrating while behind the wheel. Remind your teen that they will be seeing friends shortly at the prom or perhaps the next day and there is no good reason to text and drive. Talking on the phone while driving, even if it’s hands-free, is also very distracting to young drivers.
  • Talk to your teen about the dangers of drowsy driving and ensure they will be driving at a time that is not too late for them.
  • Talk to your teen about the drinking and driving laws in your state and the consequences for breaking the law. Discuss how they or a friend could be arrested if they were found driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Always tell your teen that you would much rather get a phone call in the middle of the night to come out and pick them up instead of someone making a poor decision to drive while tired or under the influence.

Other preparations parents can take:

  • Make sure your teen has a charged phone on prom night.
  • Get a complete itinerary for the evening.
  • Get contact information for friends that your teen expects to spend time with.
  • Be wary of any response from your teen that implies that they will be “just driving around” for some period of time.
  • Come up with a reasonable curfew with your teenager ahead of the big night.
  • Confirm the location of any after-parties and confirm whether an adult will be present. Unsupervised parties can be an invitation to alcohol or drug use.

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