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Roadway Fatalities

Delaware Car Accident Lawyers Hold Negligent Drivers AccountableAccording to nonprofit advocacy group the National Safety Council (NSC), U.S. motor vehicle fatalities totaled an estimated 40,000 in 2016, the most driver deaths in a year since 2007. That is a six percent increase from the year before. As the exact data is processed throughout the beginning of 2017, a clearer picture of fatal car accidents will be available. However right now, the estimates are troubling.

Analysts believe that part of reason there were more fatal car accidents in 2016 can be attributed to an improving economy and decreasing gas prices. Consumers are simply willing to drive further and more frequently when they can afford to. More drivers on the road statistically lead to more fatal crashes.

More sobering are the other reasons for the increase in fatal car accidents in Delaware and throughout the country. The National Safety Council found that even with all of the information about safe driving, drivers are still willing to put themselves and their passengers in danger. Clearly, Americans are not getting the messages about safe driving.

Dangerous Driving Habits Continue

In a recent NSC study about driver habits, almost half of all drivers polled said they feel comfortable texting while driving. A quarter of drivers in the study admitted speeding on residential streets. Ten percent of drivers said they had driven drunk at some point, with 43 percent of them being involved in a crash while under the influence. Sixteen percent of the drivers in the study said they do not wear seatbelts regularly.

To combat the increase in fatal accidents and poor driving habits, the NSC suggests several safety initiatives. They recommend a three-tier system to gradually prepare new drivers under the age of 21. They also call for a complete ban on mobile phone use behind the wheel. To address the dire effects of drunk driving, the NSC want to issue anyone convicted of a drunk driving offense a mandatory ignition interlock system, requiring them to prove their sobriety before operating their vehicle.

Upgrading seatbelt laws to primary enforcement is another NSC recommendation. That would apply not only to drivers but to all passengers as well. Motivating auto manufacturers to install new safety technology like automatic braking and lane departure warning may further reduce motor vehicle deaths.

Delaware Car Accident Lawyers at McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC Hold Negligent Drivers Accountable

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