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Allentown Man Suffers Fatality in Motorcycle Crash

Allentown Man Suffers Fatality in Motorcycle CrashAn Allentown, Pennsylvania man suffered a fatality in a motorcycle crash on Tuesday night. The motorcycle crash occurred around 11:30 pm in Lyons, Berks County, Pennsylvania when a 22-year-old man from Philadelphia, who was driving an SUV, made a left turn, and struck a 23-year-old man who was riding his motorcycle. Upon impact, the motorcycle rider was thrown from his bike, and succumbed to his fatal injuries while the SUV driver sustained minor personal injuries. State police are investigating the motorcycle crash.

Motorcycle riders are more vulnerable in motor vehicle accidents because they do not have the protection of an enclosed vehicle, and their motorcycles are not equipped with safety features that cars contain. They may be ejected from their bike, which may place them at-risk for personal injuries or potential fatalities.

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