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Pedestrian Walking in Felton Suffers Fatality

Pedestrian Walking in Felton, Delaware Suffers Fatality

A pedestrian walking along Route 13 in Felton, Delaware suffered a fatality on Sunday morning. Around 12:55 am, the 50-year-old resident of Felton was in the vicinity of the right lane of the road when a car hit him with the front bumper. Upon impact the pedestrian fell onto the hood of the car, and then into the windshield before rolling onto the road. Although the driver sustained no personal injuries, the pedestrian immediately succumbed to his fatal injuries.

Laws protect pedestrians when they are walking whether on busy streets or quiet lanes. Although drivers should acknowledge pedestrian safety laws, many are unaware or oblivious to the rules, which leads to them recklessly driving when pedestrians are present. If a pedestrian is struck, the individual may suffer from personal injuries or, in worst case scenarios, a fatality.

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