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Talc Powder Cancer Lawsuits

For years, Johnson & Johnson has marketed their popular baby powder and Shower to Shower lines as safe for people of all ages. Yet evidence indicates that there is a causal link between talc powder and ovarian cancer. Now, thousands of consumers have begun taking the matter to the courts.

As early as 1971, researchers studying ovarian and cervical cancer discovered that talc was present in the cancerous tissue. Considering that talc is a product which is applied to the exterior of the body, this naturally peaked their interest. They discovered that the talc was entering the system via the Fallopian tubes then made its way to the ovaries where it became lodged. Once there, the ovaries became inflamed. Just as a person sneezes when the talc dust enters the nose, the ovaries become irritated when talc enters them.

Since that time, numerous studies have found that women who use talc regularly have an increased risk of ovarian cancer. Though the specifics have yet to be determined, researchers believe that the inflammation resulting from the talc entering the ovaries is the reason the cancer develops.

Companies such as Johnson & Johnson have long been aware of these studies and have failed to warn consumers of the risk. For this reason, over 1,200 talc powder cancer lawsuits have been filed throughout the nation. In just two cases in 2016, Johnson & Johnson was ordered to pay the families of two deceased women a total of $127 million in damages. Clearly, the public believes the company should be more forthcoming regarding this defective product.

Ovarian cancer is often deadly because there are no early warning signs or tests to detect prior to its spreading to other organs. The family is devastated and left to deal with the aftermath. In most cases, the family does not even know that a seemingly harmless product used by their wife, mother, or daughter may have been the cause of their loved one’s cancer. Johnson’s Baby Powder and Shower to Shower are staples in many homes. Yet these defective products are believed to be responsible for more than 2,500 new ovarian cancer cases each year.

Delaware County Product Liability Lawyers at McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC Help Victims of Talcum Powder Cancer

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