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Driver Habits with Texting

Distracted driving, specifically texting and driving, increases the risk of a car accident by eight to 23 times. Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that every day in the United States distracted drivers cause more than eight people to lose their lives in car accidents. We know that texting and driving is a danger both to ourselves and others on the road, so why do people still do it? A new survey by the Auto Insurance Center reveals what people were actually texting before they crashed – in some cases, the driver was sending  his or her final words.

The survey asked 2,060 drivers about texting and driving to find out why they texted, how frequently, the most common messages sent, and how important the drivers felt it was to send the text. The survey also took into account the age group of the drivers.

Millennials Are the Biggest Offenders

Baby boomers were the most responsible group when it comes to texting. When asked if texting and driving could be considered a usual driving habit, none of them responded positively and just over 90 percent of them said that they never text and drive. Amongst Generation X, three percent make it a regular habit and 58 percent reported that they do not text while driving. Millennials were the most likely to text and drive at six percent; and 49 percent of them said they never text and drive.

Surprisingly, only eight percent of drivers surveyed felt the messages they texted were very or extremely important. On the other end of the spectrum, 18 percent of messages were considered unimportant or not particularly important (36 percent). Somewhat important texts made up 39 percent of messages. The bulk of the texts, between 87 and 92 percent, were almost always sent to family members and close friends.

Most of the time drivers in the survey said they had texted while driving because they felt pressured to reply quickly to someone important in their lives, or they were making plans with someone. Other reasons cited were trying to respond in a timely manner to a message, and needing directions. The rest of the time the respondents said they were bored and lonely, responding to work messages.

The CDC reports that alcohol was a factor in approximately one-third of all fatal car accidents. Indeed “Driving drunk” was one of three phrases most often sent in the final text messages analyzed by the Auto Insurance Center. The other two were “I’ll be dead,” and “I love you.”

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