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Social Media’s Impact on Personal Injury Claims

Delaware County Personal Injury Lawyers Discuss Social Media's Impact on Personal Injury ClaimsFacebook, Twitter, and Instagram—it is hard to imagine living without social media these days. Broadcasting our private information over the internet has become the norm. But if you have a pending personal injury claim, you may want to silence your social media presence. Even if you think your posts are “private,” information on your social media can be obtained by defense attorneys. Moreover, photos can easily be misconstrued in the hands of your adversary.

Insurance companies are increasingly beginning to investigate social media pages in investigating accident claims. In a personal injury lawsuit (for example a slip and fall or car accident claim), it is often the insurance company that you take to court. Insurance companies now perform Google searches, image searches, reverse image searches, and thorough scans of all major social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, and Foursquare.

When lawyers investigate a case, they engage in a process known as “discovery.” It is standard practice for defense lawyers to ask questions about a plaintiff’s social media accounts. In certain circumstances, you may even have to turn over your “handle” and password. Be aware that even if you tighten your privacy settings, investigators can still find ways into private profiles.

Posts to Avoid on Social Media

There are several mistakes people make with their social media accounts, including:

  • “Venting” posts. Often, after an accident, people will post a long rant about the incident. Insurance companies will look at “surrounding” posts as well to put the incident into context. For example, if you tweeted that you were drinking beer at a friend’s house, then 30 minutes later, posted about your slip and fall accident, the insurance company might claim you were intoxicated at the time, contributing to your own injury.
  • Posting images after your accident. If you claim that you suffered a herniated disc, but post pictures of yourself doing different activities every weekend, it could be problematic.

If you are pursuing a personal injury lawsuit, Google yourself to see what is out there about you. Take action to remove incriminating posts and data. Strengthen your privacy settings, and limit or cease posting altogether until your claim is resolved.

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