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Facebook Live and Distracted Driving

Chester County Car Accident Lawyers Advocate for Those Injured in Distracted Driving CrashesTechnology is advancing at a rapid pace and every year brings new applications of existing technologies to our appliances, cell phones, homes, and even our cars. While features like Bluetooth technology are useful for navigation, some are also used to run social media apps while driving, adding to the list of different causes of distracted driving car accidents.

Distracted driving happens when a driver operates a vehicle while also executing another function such as talking to a passenger or on the phone, eating, drinking, engaging with children in the car, texting, or using a navigation system. Scientists have identified three types of distractions – manual, visual and cognitive. Manual distraction happens when a driver removes his or her hands from the wheel while driving. Visual distraction happens whenever the driver’s eyes are taken off the road. Finally, cognitive distraction occurs when a driver’s mind wanders such that he or she is no longer concentrating on driving.

The technology used by drivers calls upon a combination of manual, visual and cognitive attention. While the focus of years ago was on the dangers of dialing and talking on the phone while driving, now illegal in many states, today’s drivers may be using their phone to perform much more complicated tasks, such as streaming a Facebook Live video for friends to see. In December of 2016 there was a severe car accident in Rhode Island in which the 20-year-old driver survived, but suffered serious injuries. In the video posted on Facebook Live, the driver was shown listening to music and singing while driving up to 118 mph. He used his phone camera to alternately show the speedometer and then himself. The car is seen veering in and out of lanes before slamming into a garbage truck which then crossed over three lanes and crashed into a highway barrier.

According to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), distracted driving is responsible for up to 80% of all car accidents and 16% of highway fatalities. The National Safety Council (NSC) reports that cell phones account for 25% of car crashes every year and that texting contributed to 18% of traffic accidents. That amounts to one accident every 24 seconds due to a driver distracted by a cell phone.

Chester County Car Accident Lawyers at McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC Advocate for Those Injured in Distracted Driving Crashes

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