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Communication Apps Linked to Traffic Deaths

Delaware County Car Accident Lawyers Report Communication Apps Linked to Traffic DeathsThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently released the 2015 traffic fatality report revealing a sharp increase in the number of fatal car accidents over the previous year – the largest in 50 years. Statistics released for the first six months of 2016 show a further rise in traffic deaths. The reports are sparking alarm for safety officials who have issued a call to action for research into the reason behind the disturbing trend.

Cyclist, Pedestrian, Motorcycle, Car Accidents Increase

The NHTSA noted that the rise in deadly motor vehicle accidents was consistent across the board. In addition to car accidents, fatal crashes involving cyclists, pedestrians, and motorcycles also increased sharply. Officials speculate that part of the cause may be attributed to higher numbers of vehicles on the roads sparked by lower fuel prices and job growth. However, the organization noted that there have been great improvements made in issues related to drunk driving, drowsy driving, and speeding. Unfortunately, those improvements have not been enough to lower the fatality rate as expected. NHTSA officials conclude that there must be another factor and have called on community leaders and researchers to learn the reason for the increase.

Communication Apps and Car Accident Deaths

The issue of texting and driving has been a long-standing concern for safety advocates, and for good reason. One out of every four car accidents are related to distracted driving. Technology in vehicles and on smart phones has increased exponentially during the last few of years. Most recently, there has been an explosion of new and exciting social apps that further compete for drivers’ attention.

Snapchat allows drivers to record their speed at a given moment, and share it with their friends and followers. Waze encourages drivers to report car accidents, congestion, and construction zones. Some drivers have taken to recording their highway movements in real time via Facebook Live Video. Additionally, many luxury vehicles now feature windshield displays that show speed and other navigation tools. Experts are concerned that these and other features encourage drivers to focus more attention on the technology, and less on the road ahead.

Regardless of what current and future researchers find, if a driver is distracted and causes a serious car accident, that driver should be held responsible for injuries and deaths that may occur. Victims and their families are advised to contact a reputable Delaware County car accident lawyer with experience handling distracted driving accident cases. He or she will have the insight and the resources to uncover valuable evidence that will ensure the best possible outcome for injured victims.

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