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Seat Belts and Air Bags

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The University of Wisconsin has released a new study that documents the effect of car safety devices in preventing facial fractures in collisions. Researchers studied data from 518,000 people involved in car crashes from 2007 to 2012 who required treatment at a trauma center. There were 56,000 people who suffered facial fractures – mostly nasal and mid-face fractures. Of these victims, the most likely to suffer facial fractures were younger males who either did not have safety devices such as air bags and seat belts in their cars, or were not using them. In fact, three out of five people with facial fractures had no safety device at all. Nearly six percent had only an airbag available to them, 27 percent had only a seat belt, and less than seven percent had both.

What the researchers learned is that use of both a seat belt and air bag makes a dramatic difference when it comes to facial fractures in car accidents. The likelihood of a facial fracture when an airbag alone was deployed went down by 18 percent. If a seat belt alone was used, the reduction was 43 percent. But if the seat belt and air bag were both in use during a car accident, then the incidence of facial fractures was reduced by 53 percent. The study’s co-leaders were Dr. David Hyman, an otolaryngology resident at the University of Wisconsin and his colleague, Dr. Scott Chaiet, a head and neck surgeon. Dr. Hyman notes the advances in airbag technology over the last decade and contributes this to the trend in reduction of facial fractures.

These findings emphasize the importance of including safety devices like seat belts and air bags in motor vehicles and the need for consumers to use both of them in conjunction to reduce the risk of facial fracture in the event of a car accident.

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