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E-Cigarettes and Teen Health

E-Cigarettes are becoming more and more common, with new outlets for the devices and vapors appearing rapidly throughout the country. These devices are pitched as an alternative to cigarettes and are mistakenly seen as harmless or safe by many users. While they do not carry the same dangers and health risks as cigarettes themselves, they do present their own risks to health, particularly among teen users.

According to a new study, E-Cigarette users are twice as likely to develop bronchitis symptoms as non-users, and past users also have an 85 percent higher risk of respiratory issues. This is concerning for e-cigarette users, as the risks continue to linger after use has ended, much like cigarettes. Another concern is that the habit of smoking itself can lead users to try cigarettes, and therefore end up addicted to the habit of smoking dangerous, deadly tobacco cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are dangerous in other ways, as they are known to contain toxic chemicals that users breathe in. These include glycerine vapor, nicotine itself (leading to potential addiction to “vaping”), diketone flavoring, and even oxidant metals. Particularly, users may have to worry about a defective product delivering more harmful toxins to their lungs, as these devices are not thoroughly regulated. E-Cigarettes may end up being as dangerous as cigarettes after all, due to their nicotine content and the fact that many see them as harmless, which is misleading.

As Use Continues, Health Effects Will Rise

E-cigarettes are very new to the smoker’s market and long term health effects have not been studied intensely, which is another reason that users young and old should be concerned and wary about using this new technology. The Food and Drug Administration has banned the sale of these devices to children under 18, and some states are taking stricter approaches. In California, for example, nobody under 21 years of age can purchase the devices. Still, concerns about the devices have health professionals worried about use by users of all ages.

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