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Rainy Weather Causes Fatal Delaware Crash

On Monday morning, the rainy weather contributed to a fatal crash in Wilmington, Delaware that claimed the life of one man. Around 2 pm, a 21-year-old man driving a small vehicle hit a large pool of water created by the heavy rainfall and lost control of his car. The car crossed the center line into the southbound lanes and then was struck by a Roto Rooter pickup truck. Although the truck driver was transported for treatment at the Christiana Hospital and subsequently released, the driver of the car succumbed to his injuries. The crash remains under investigation.

Weather is a major factor of many motor vehicle accidents. Rain or icy conditions create slippery roads that can quickly befuddle even the most experienced drivers, causing them to lost control and putting them at risk of serious or fatal injuries.  Debilitating injuries from a car accident may lead to excessive medical expenses and loss of income for its victims.

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