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New Technology Makes Trucks Safer

Delaware truck accident lawyers discuss new technology makes trucks safer.The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is testing new technology that could go a long way in reducing collisions involving tractor-trailers. Crash avoidance systems automatically steer vehicles out of the way of hazards even when the driver fails to see them. Much like the crash avoidance technology already found in many passenger vehicles, similar technology is proving successful in preventing truck accidents. This is promising considering that there are on average 70,000 semi-truck rear-end crashes every year.

The average semi-truck weighs around 80,000 pounds. Because of the sheer weight and power of large trucks, they cause significant damage in a crash. Larger trucks also have a few sizeable blind spots, making it impossible to even see cars in certain positions. Crash avoidance systems are one way to reduce truck accidents – and the pain and suffering that come with them.

New Technology Has Proven Effective in Preventing Truck Accidents

During a year-long study conducted by the NHTSA, not a single semi-truck installed with crash avoidance technology experienced a rear-end crash. Crash avoidance technology not only steers trucks away from potential crashes, but mitigates the impact of crashes. A total of 169 drivers from all over the country participated in the study, racking up 85,000 hours and three million miles without a rear-end truck accident. Based on that data, NHTSA recommends that all new fleets be equipped with this technology.

Crash avoidance systems not only act in the event of an accident, but also provide safety alerts for a variety of reasons. They warn drivers who are following too closely, switching lanes without using signals, or approaching stationary objects. The largest trucking industry organization is also on board with the technology. The American Trucking Association endorses the new crash avoidance technology – not just for mitigating crashes, but for hopefully avoiding them altogether.

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