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Injured Workers Have More Options

Construction accidents can happen to anyone on a job site. When a worker sustains an injury, they may assume that Workers’ Compensation is their only option to recover losses. It is crucial to contact an experienced attorney to learn about third-party liability claims. In each unique circumstance, workers may be able to bring lawsuits related to the accident against other entities in addition to Workers’ Compensation claims.

For example, if an independent contractor was involved in the construction accident and the worker does not have an employer-employee relationship with that person, the worker can sue that person or company. This can happen on any construction site where multiple companies are working in the same space and at the same time in their own areas of specialty within one construction site.

Liability for Faulty Products

Additionally, a worker can sue a manufacturer when a faulty product was responsible for the accident. For example, if the worker believes they were injured because a piece of machinery malfunctioned, the worker may be able to demonstrate a defect with the product. If the worker can prove that a defect was present, then there is a good chance they will recover compensation for their injury from the product manufacturer.

In some rare circumstances, if the employer has intentionally run afoul of the U.S. Occupational and Health Administration (OSHA) standards, the worker may sue his employer if there was a high probability that an employee would be injured as a result of these willful violations. This type of claim carries with it a higher legal burden but it is still an important potential avenue of recovery.

Employees working on construction sites must be aware of whether or not they are an employee or an independent contractor. If the relationship is unclear, or the worker is not sure whether a faulty product or machine caused his or her injury, workers should seek legal advice to determine what options are available to them.

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