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Older Truck Drivers

Delaware Truck Accident Lawyers Fight for Victims of Truck CrashesCBS News recently conducted an analysis of crash data, and the results are surprising. The study shows that in the last three years, there has been a nearly 20 percent increase in trucking and bus accidents involving drivers ranging from age 70 to age 90. In fact, between 2013 and 2015, there were close to 7,000 truck accidents involving elderly drivers in just 12 states surveyed. The CBS news study sought to discover how the recent increase in older drivers translates to potential danger on our nation’s highways.

The survey clearly showed that there is an increase in crashes involving elderly drivers. But why? Some experts believe that this is because America’s trucking industry is facing a severe driver shortage, and to fill the gap, companies are aggressively recruiting retirees. One estimate shows that only about 50,000 drivers transport 70 percent of the nation’s goods. Moreover, nearly 10 percent of all American truck drivers are over the age of 65.

There is no age limit imposed on commercial truck drivers, and some companies will hire anyone with a CDL. Furthermore, employers cannot discriminate against a job applicant on the basis of their age. Meanwhile, the aviation industry imposes a mandatory retirement age of 65. This remains true even though, like the trucking industry, there is a severe shortage of pilots.

According to CBS News correspondent Kris Van Cleave, the increase in older truck drivers is a result of the downturn in the economy. Men and women need to work well past the age of 65 to make ends meet, and trucking companies are willing to hire anyone because there are no age restrictions imposed. Trucking schools are now actively recruiting seniors due to a labor shortage, offering good benefits packages and money to supplement retirement savings.

Delaware Truck Accident Lawyers at McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC LLC Fight for Victims of Truck Crashes

The sad reality is that when the government does not impose regulations, trucking companies often put their profit margins over the safety of other drivers on the road. If you or someone you love has been injured in a truck accident in Delaware, the experienced Delaware truck accident lawyers at McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC LLC can help you win the maximum compensation to cover medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. To schedule your free consultation today, call us at 302-888-1221 or contact us online.