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Fatal Car Crash During Police Chase

Philadelphia Car Accidents Lawyers: Fatal Car Crash During Police Chase

On Wednesday, November 30, suspects involved in a police chase in Philadelphia ran a red light and struck a passing car, fatally injuring the driver. The chase began when the police approached two men standing on the corner of 48th and Westminster Streets after hearing gunshots. When the police came closer, the men jumped into a black Nissan Maxima and fled the scene. The suspects went all the way up to 52nd street and were about to turn onto Locust when they crashed into a Kia Soul, claiming the life of the 56-year-old woman inside. Once the car was hit, it slammed into a parked car before stopping in a parking lot.

Emergency workers brought the woman to Penn Presbyterian Medical Center where she lost her life later that evening. The suspects being chased were brought in to the hospital for pain treatment.

Police discovered through camera surveillance that individuals driving an unidentified white vehicle fired shots at the suspects who drove the black Nissan that originally prompted the police chase. After searching the black car, police found a gun on the back seat.

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