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Self-Driving Cars

Delaware County Car Accident Lawyers Advocate for Injured Parties and Their FamiliesA recent study by the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute found that self-driving cars are five-times more likely to be involved in car accidents than cars driven by humans. The study also found that people are less likely to report accidents involving self-driving cars to the police. Even when the researchers controlled for this fact, the self-driving cars were still twice as likely to be in an accident.

People may not be reporting their car accidents with self-driving cars. This study revealed that most of these crashes occurred when the self-driving car was traveling less than five miles per hour and was rear ended. None of the accidents analyzed in the study were serious collisions such as head-on accidents. The study evaluated self-driving cars that are operated by Google, Delphi, and Volkswagen. Google has stated that crashes normally occur with self-driving cars when human error is involved. In all the car accidents in the study, the self-driving car was rear ended. This could be because self-driving cars do not break traffic laws; leading to some driving habits that are not expected by other motorists.

Some other issues to consider regarding the findings of this study is the fact that that self-driving cars have not logged nearly as many miles on the road as regular cars. Therefore, this preliminary information could be somewhat skewed since self-driving cars are estimated to have driven a total of 1.2 million miles compared to the three trillion miles driven by conventional cars each year.

Self-Driving Car Accidents May Rise in the Future

If this study is a predictor about the future, we may be in store for many more car accidents involving self-driving cars. There is no way to predict how that accident rate will affect more-populated areas with more aggressive drivers. Although first predictions show that injuries have been minor in self-driving car accidents, this may not be the case when there are more drivers on the road. Lawsuits involving self-driving cars could become more complex if a design flaw contributed to the cause of the car accident.

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