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Dirt Bike Crashed into Police Car

Dirt Bike Crashed into Police CarOn Monday, November 14, around 5 pm, a man on a dirt bike crashed into a police car. The 18-year old man who is in critical condition with two broken legs and a fractured skull was riding in the Wissinoming section of Philadelphia when the accident occurred. When the speeding dirt bike struck the police car, the officers were on patrol and making a left turn onto Howell Street. One officer was brought to the hospital and reportedly is receiving treatment and expected to recover. A helmet-cam video caught the moments before the crash which will contribute necessary information to the investigation currently underway.

Serious, possibly deadly consequences may befall victims of motorcycle accidents, partly because bikers are more vulnerable to the outside elements than drivers and passengers sitting in an enclosed vehicle. When speed is involved, injuries may be even graver and more life-threatening. In Philadelphia, dirt bikes are prohibited from riding in city streets which adds to the severity of the situation.

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