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The Incidence Of Tractor Trailer Accidents In The U.S. Is Alarming

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Recent Tractor Trailer Accident Results In Multiple Fatalities, Adds to Alarming U.S. Statistics

Upper Macungie Township crash kills five

The driver and four passengers in a small car perished after the vehicle collided with a tractor-trailer on Route 222 last month. And while police concluded that the truck driver was not at fault in the crash that killed Allentown residents Barbara Bruno Rondon, Jessegal Diaz-Hernandez, Rosa Lajara-Marine, Mercedes Silvestre Castillo and Marco Cruz, the incident serves as a grim reminder of the perils truckers and motorists face on American roads.

Tractor-trailers are generally classified as commercial vehicles, large trucks, heavy trucks or some variation thereof. Regardless of the label, there is little doubt they have a significant role in transporting valuable cargo throughout the United States. Just three years ago, there were approximately 10.5 million large trucks registered in the United States. Collectively, they traveled more than 275 million miles.

With each mile traveled, the truckers that crisscrossed the nation in 2013 ran the risk of having a wreck. In all, 73,000 large trucks were involved in accidents that resulted in injuries that year. More than 3,900 large trucks were involved in fatal crashes.

The number of people hurt and killed in those accidents is even more telling. Across the United States, more than 3,900 people died as the result of accidents with large trucks. Approximately 95,000 sustained some sort of injury. Those most at risk for injury were the occupants of the other vehicle. Less than 20 percent of large truck drivers or passengers were hurt in the collisions.

With the number of highly traveled and congested roads in and around big cities, one would think that most fatal large truck accidents happen on highways or major secondary roads. But in 2013, statistics told a different story. The bulk of the fatal large truck crashes back then actually occurred happened in less densely populated areas.

In Pennsylvania, more than 1,600 traffic accidents resulted in fatalities in 2013. Of those, 170 or roughly 10 percent involved large trucks. Data compiled by federal agencies showed that 155 people died as the result of those accidents and that he vast majority of the people killed (110) were in the other vehicle involved in the accident. Single-vehicle accidents claimed the lives of 15 people in large trucks and 16 people in large trucks died when those trucks collided with other vehicles.

There are things truckers and motorists can do to limit their risk of becoming involved in accidents, however. Truck drivers can follow laws dictating how much rest their supposed to get, refrain from speeding, tailgating and engaging in other dangerous driving behavior. They can also take the time to ensure their rigs are mechanically sound and their loads are properly secured before hitting the road.

Motorists in smaller vehicles should also avoid speeding, tailgating, driving in a truck driver’s blind spot and cutting in front of big rigs without warning.

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