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Documenting Your Accident Injury

Philadelphia Accident Lawyers

Documenting Your Accident Injury Could Be Key To Winning Your Case

The more proof you have, the better off you will be

Feeling helpless after you’ve been hurt in an accident is understandable. Even if you decide to take legal action against the person at fault, you may think there’s nothing to do to help the attorney who takes your case. But that’s where you’re mistaken. There are simple steps that you – or a friend or family member can take – to prove that you’ve been injured, the extent of your injuries, document medical costs and show you’ve lost income if you’re unable to work.

Even if you don’t believe you’ve been badly hurt, the first and most important thing to do after you’ve been in any sort of accident is to get checked out at the hospital or see your personal doctor. That way you’ll have proof of the initial diagnosis, treatment and related costs. Remember to keep copies of all pertinent records – including any bills for ambulance services — so you can give them to your lawyer.

Ultimately, you are the best judge of how you feel at any given time. If you can, track your recovery in a daily journal or diary. If you can’t write, consider keeping a video diary or making voice recordings to document your progress, any setbacks, decisions about ongoing treatment and so forth.

Get a copy of the accident report. Law enforcement officers respond to and document all sorts of accidents. If you’ve been in a car crash, the police report is an especially valuable source of information. It includes the date and time of incident, along with the precise location and a crash diagram showing how the wreck occurred. It will specify who was at fault, whether you received any emergency medical treatment at the scene and whether or not you were transported to the hospital. It will also include information about any tickets issued or charges filed in connection with the case.

Don’t just rely on the authorities to provide information to support your claim. If you can, take pictures of any property damage resulting from the accident. If you are unable to do so, have a friend or family member do it for you as soon as possible. You should also have your doctor or a friend or relative take photographs of your injuries. Make sure all of the photos are time and date stamped so there is no question about when they were taken.

Ask the human resources director for a copy of company policy regarding extended absences from the workplace due to accidental injuries. If you don’t have them, request copies of old direct deposit transactions or pay stubs. This can serve as proof of the regular income you would still be earning if you hadn’t gotten hurt.

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