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Pedestrian Safety Becoming a Public Safety Concern for Wilmington Officials

It is less safe than ever to be a pedestrian. 2015 had a record number of pedestrian accidents and fatalities. The increased prevalence of drunk driving and intoxicated driving make walking anywhere near roads a public safety issue. Government officials have taken notice and are now promoting public safety initiatives to cut down on the number of senseless deaths.

These tragedies leave families with tremendous uncertainties about their futures. Our Delaware personal injury lawyers are shocked at the number of insurance companies that are able to avoid financial responsibility by blaming the victims for walking unlawfully. Although pedestrians can be the cause of their own injuries in these accidents, this is seldom the case. The successes insurance companies have had in these cases makes these incidents a tragedy on two fronts.

The campaign for pedestrian safety was spurred by the 30% increase in accidents throughout the last several years. The statewide campaign attempts to warn pedestrians about remaining vigilant at all time to avoid dangerous drivers. Delaware pedestrian accident lawyers are overrun with plaintiffs seeking damages from negligent drivers that have caused them serious harm. What used to be a small part of an attorney’s personal injury practice has now become a major practice area.

The incidence of pedestrian injuries shows no signs of stopping in the years to come as drivers find more and more distractions while they are behind the wheel. Victims only recourse comes from having the ability to recover compensation in the aftermath of their accidents. All the Delaware state officials can do is encourage pedestrians to remain vigilant and exercise caution whenever cars are around.

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