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Tracy Morgan Accident

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Truck Driver from Tracy Morgan’s Crash Pleads Not Guilty

The truck driver alleged to be the cause of Tracy Morgan’s 2014 accident that left him severely injured and his friend dead is still yet to be resolved neither criminally nor civilly. The driver was charged with manslaughter and has now responded with a not guilty plea during his arraignment. The criminal portion of this incident may have an important impact on the damages from the civil portion of the lawsuit.

A criminal conviction during the same incident can be used against the truck driver’s employer, Walmart, in civil trials. Delaware personal injury lawyers say that criminal convictions are used as weighty evidence of responsibility during civil matters. The heightened burden of proof criminally is often damning to civil defendants. The manslaughter conviction is expected to be used as direct evidence in the wrongful death lawsuit against the multinational superstore.

Both the Morgan personal injury lawsuit and his friend’s wrongful death action are still pending. Experienced personal injury attorneys await results of criminal actions because of the leverage they bring to a case. Using them as evidence of fault often makes defendant’s come to the negotiation table willing to agree to a fair settlement that compensates their victims.

There is nothing the law can do about bringing back the friend that was lost in the tragic truck accident or to undue the permanent damage done to Morgan. The law is at least trying to find some justice by holding the truck driver accountable in criminal court and affording them monetary damages in civil court. The main question that remains is how much compensation the victims are going to be able to recover.

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