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Snowstorm Deaths

Delaware Wrongful Death Lawyers

Citizens Killed During Snowstorm by Employees There to Protect Them

Snowstorms are a dangerous time for anyone to be out on the road. The ice and debris cause hazards that put cars into ditches and causing uncontrollable collisions. Unfortunately, there have been increases in deaths during snowstorms caused by the snowplows and salt trucks whose purpose is to make the roads safer for Delaware drivers. These preventable tragedies have increased the prevalence of snowstorm accident lawsuits filed by Delaware wrongful death lawyers.

During a recent snowstorm, one man was killed and two more were injured by a salt truck driver that lost control on a state highway. It is estimated that the compensation for the victims in this case could range into the millions. According to Delaware wrongful death attorneys, the potential value of wrongful death lawsuit largely depends on the lost earning potential of the deceased. The city that hired the driver is likely the party that is going to be held legally liable for the harms their employee caused.

Snowstorm Deaths Continue to Rise

Salt trucks are particularly dangerous because they weigh dozens of tons and are sent onto some of the iciest conditions. The salt they are dropping has not had the chance to take effect and the inertia of the trucks make them uncontrollable once they begin to slide. All that can be done for the victims of these tragedies is taking legal action. Experienced Delaware wrongful death attorneys uncover evidence that proves the salt truck or snowplow driver was operating the vehicle unsafely.

Snowstorms are dangerous to anyone that braves the roads during them. Death tolls continue to rise and innocent drivers are harmed by other drivers or the hazards that come with icy roads. The best thing people can do in a snowstorm is stay home as much as possible. The risks to you and your family’s safety are simply too great.

Delaware Personal Injury Lawyers at McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC: Helping Victims Injured or Killed in Snowstorm Accidents

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