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Texting and driving leading cause of accidents in US

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Texting and Driving Now the Greatest Danger to Drivers in the United States

The newest crisis Americans now face is texting and driving. Not only is it the leading cause of accidents in the United States—it is now also the leading cause of teen deaths in the country. The stories of severe injuries and deadly tragedies are in the news every day. Philadelphia personal injury lawyers have had to adjust their standard car accident discovery practices to include finding evidence of texting and driving at the time of the accident.

Texting while driving is more dangerous than drinking and driving. Much of the danger is because it is harder to anticipate when someone is going to do it and it occurs more frequently during daylight hours when more cars are out on the road. Our Philadelphia car accident lawyers have seen the devastation that texting and driving leads to. The victims of negligence from texting and driving do not always recover the justice they deserve.

Pedestrians may be most at risk from the proliferation of texting and driving. Cities around the country are now reporting new records in pedestrian deaths every year. Expert wrongful death attorneys have been attributing this rise in pedestrian deaths to people texting and driving. To win, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant acted negligently. Proving the fault in a pedestrian death case is not always as easy to prove as it may seem.  Defendants in these cases often try to use the defense that the pedestrian was crossing the street illegally during the accident. Phone records are sometimes, but not always, the deciding factor in cases where a pedestrian is struck by a distracted driver.

The campaigns to discourage texting and driving are everywhere around the country. These campaigns have not worked—particularly in the city of Philadelphia. 2016 is expected to be another record breaking year, where the most common reason for Philadelphia car accident lawyers to file lawsuits is due to injuries due to texting and driving.

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