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Bill Cosby Countersues Accusers for Defamation

Bill Cosby, once considered “America’s dad,” has possibly become the most infamous serial rapist in the world. Among the several dozen women that have accused him of sexual assault, seven of them have filed a lawsuit for defamation of character for his response to their allegations. Cosby has fired back and filed a defamation lawsuit against them.

Our Philadelphia personal injury lawyers have been following this case closely. His strategy is likely twofold: he is probably trying to use his financial resources to bleed their lawsuit funds dry, and this countersuit is a means of trying to make a statement for public relations purposes. Countersuits can be an effective strategy for defendants in civil matters. They put the plaintiff on the defensive and add risk to the plaintiff’s continuance of their lawsuit.

Defamation Lawsuits: One of the Most Challenging Types of Civil Lawsuits

Defamation lawsuits are among the most challenging types of civil lawsuits for a plaintiff to win. They usually require proof of damages, however, Cosby has always filed a counterclaim for “defamation per se.” According to our Philadelphia personal injury attorneys, this count does not require the plaintiff to prove actual damages. These claims are reserved for when the defamation was so mean spirited (i.e. being accused of sexual assault) that it is presumed that you have to suffer a loss from the damages.

The Cosby lawsuit is going to continue to unfold in the public eye. Although it is possible that the counterclaims are going to be dismissed, expert Philadelphia defamation lawyers expect that the case will proceed into discovery and possibly towards trial. There are any number of happenings that could occur in this care. The most likely outcome of this will be a highly secretive settlement between Cosby and the seven accusers.

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