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Car accidents increase with holidays and winter weather

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers

Car Accidents Increase for Philadelphia Drivers During Winter Weather and Busy Holidays

Winter is increasingly dangerous for Philadelphia drivers. There are two increasing threats that make the holidays more dangerous for commuters throughout the state: increases in drunk driving and increases in distracted driving with cell phones. These two threats, especially simultaneously, have made winter driving more of a threat than ever.

Defensive driving is the key to keeping yourself and your family safe through the winter months. Philadelphia personal injury lawyers have noticed some key strategies that help limit the dangers that you face out on the roads. Night is the most dangerous time to be out on the road during the winter. People should try to schedule their gatherings during daylight hours when others are less likely to be intoxicated and more easily seen on the road. Timing your travels enables you to keep you and your family safer.

Distracted driving is a newer phenomenon for Philadelphians driving in the winter. Ice is a major source of peril in these situations. The increased risk in winter results from delays in reaction time and inability to recover once the car begins to skid. Unfortunately, these drivers often run into innocent drivers that are commuting responsibly. Philadelphia accident attorneys attribute this as one of the greatest causes of severe injuries during the colder months.

There is not much that can be done to make the roads of Philadelphia less dangerous during the winter months and holidays. For many people, the only thing they can do is recover financial compensation after they have been harmed during one of these accidents. The only way to reduce the risk during winter months is to reduce time spent commuting as much as possible.

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