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Alcohol not the only factor in DUIs

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers

Drugs Becoming a More Common Cause for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Arrests

There is a common misconception that Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is only for people that are under the influence of alcohol. This could not be further from the truth. Being under the influence of any controlled substance that alters the driver’s state of mind puts them in violation of Pennsylvania’s DUI laws. This becomes critically important in situations where someone has been injured by an inebriated driver because experienced Philadelphia car accident lawyers use that evidence as proof of negligence.

According to our Philadelphia auto accident lawyers, criminal records usually cannot be used against someone in a civil lawsuit. However, a criminal background can be used as evidence in situations where the criminal charge was part of the situation at hand. A criminal conviction for DUI during the accident that led to a person’s injuries is usually pretty damning evidence for the plaintiff.

The importance of having a DUI conviction to use as evidence of negligence in a lawsuit for injuries from an accident. Once that becomes a piece of evidence, the leverage is completely on the plaintiff’s side. Experienced Philadelphia personal injury lawyers are able to use the DUI conviction to enhance the damages their client receives from an accident settlement.

Rise in Drug Use Making Philadelphia Roads More Dangerous

DUI conviction rates for being inebriated by substances other than alcohol continues to rise. Unfortunately, the rise in new types of intoxicants has coincided with an increase in accidents and devastating injuries to innocent victims. The increase in drug use has made the roads of Philadelphia more dangerous than ever.

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