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Pennsylvania Attorney General Brings Charges Against Nursing Homes

Nationwide nursing home chain denies allegations

The Office of Attorney General’s Health Care Section recently filed a legal action against Golden Gate National Senior Care LLC, accusing the company of misleading consumers because it failed to provide its promised services to elderly residents. The third-largest nursing home chain in the country, the company operates 36 nursing homes in Pennsylvania, commonly referred to as Golden Living Centers. The legal action names 14 of the facilities.

Specifically, the Attorney General’s office alleges that Golden Living violated the Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law by using deceit in its marketing practices. For example, the company promised to make sure residents had food and water any time requested, and that they would be maintained in a clean and comfortable environment.

However, according to the Attorney General’s office, these promises were not kept. Instead, the legal action asserts the facilities were understaffed. Residents allegedly were left hungry and thirsty, dirty and unkempt, and unable to get help to use the bathroom. The legal actions cited many examples of poor care, including allegations that residents were:

  • Left in diapers because no one helped them using the bathroom.
  • At risk for bedsores because they did not get turned over periodically.
  • Not given range of motion exercises.
  • Occasionally left hungry, because staff didn’t dress them in time for meals, or staff simply didn’t escort them to the dining room at all.
  • Victims of false records—staff would document that residents received services they didn’t actually receive.

The Attorney General’s office also asserted that the company would increase staff when state inspections occurred, thereby misleading inspectors about staffing levels.

The legal action, filed in the form of a complaint in equity and a petition for permanent injunction, requests injunctive relief that prohibits Golden Living from continuing its alleged deceptive and unlawful business practices. Additionally, Pennsylvania seeks up to $3,000 per violation involving residents 60 years or older.

For its part, Golden Living stated the legal action was baseless and had no merit.

Regardless of the ultimate disposition of the Attorney General’s legal action, it highlights the shameful national epidemic of elder abuse at nursing homes. Almost a third of the nation’s 16,000 nursing homes have been cited for violating federal standards intended to protect elders at these facilities. Based on surveys, almost half of nursing home residents claim they were abused, with nearly one in five saying they were pushed, grabbed, or shoved by nursing home employees. More than half claim they were verbally assaulted, including being insulted or sworn at. And an unbelievable 95 percent state they were subject to general neglect, or witnessed the neglect of other residents.

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