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Study Shows Majority of NFL Players Suffer from Long-Term Brain Injuries

Philadelphia Brain Injury Lawyers Report that Repeated Concussions are Linked to Degenerative Brain Disease

A new study out of Boston University has shown that the vast majority of NFL players suffer from long-term brain injuries. The study revealed that nearly all of the former NFL football players who were tested had chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a serious degenerative disease researchers believe derives from repetitive brain injury.

The research was conducted on brains that were donated to science. Of these brains, 91 belonged to former professional football players. 87 of the brains, or 96 percent, had signs of CTE. This serious disease displays an abnormal build-up of protein that can disrupt neural pathways that are responsible for memory and judgment.

The study comes out only months after the league settled a lawsuit for $1 billion in which thousands of retired players alleged that the NFL concealed information about the seriousness of brain concussions and repeated head trauma.

Recognizing the seriousness of such brain injuries, the league has taken steps to improve player safety. It instituted a ban on certain tackles that are associated with greater degrees of head trauma. It also implemented a medical timeout in which a referee is given the authority to issue a timeout if a player appears to need medical attention. During the last few years, the league has instituted pregame medical assessments on players in an effort to reduce serious brain injuries. They have also increased medical assessments of players after they have been involved in hard hits during games. Due to these initiatives, the league has reported a decrease in concussions of 35 percent since 2012.

Other suggestions made in the 2015 Health and Safety Report of the NFL are to tackle players lower at the legs while hitting players with their shoulders, increasing helmet testing and using clinical trials to better detect concussions. Players are less likely to sustain as serious of damage if they quickly identify and treat brain injuries.

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