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Incidence of Falling Objects at Big Box Stores is Common

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As the holidays approach, consumers are reminded of the dangers of shopping on days like Black Friday. In recent years, shoppers have been trampled on and assaulted for simply wanting to get a good deal on a special item. In addition to being victimized by other aggressive shoppers, consumers risk being injured by falling objects as customers frantically grab items off the shelves.

Holidays are not the only time when consumers are at risk of being injured by falling objects while shopping at big box stores. In fact, accidents at big box stores are rather common, with falling objects being one of the primary causes of accidents. Big box stores have an economic incentive to avoid having such incidences become public knowledge because they want to avoid future litigation. Customers who pursue a personal injury case and settle are usually required to sign a confidentiality agreement or risk losing their award.

A danger to consumers and employees alike

Customers are not the only people injured by falling objects. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 245 workers died due to falling objects. About 7 percent of the on-the-job fatalities among retail workers are due to contact with objects.

These accidents can be avoided. Falling objects are often caused by improper stacking and inadequate staff being available to retrieve items for consumers. Retail outlets can help prevent these injuries by properly training staff on proper stacking techniques and providing help buttons for consumers who cannot reach products out of reach. Consumers can safeguard themselves by waiting for personnel to retrieve merchandise.

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