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The Long-Term Effects and Costs of a TBI

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Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) have recently garnered attention. The class action lawsuit against the NFL has created awareness of the long-term devastation a trauma to the brain can cause. Brain injuries, even relatively minor ones, often have a lifelong impact on a victim’s life. A TBI can change everything – how you think, act and how your body moves. Treatment costs are often monumental.

A number of Philadelphia Eagles professional football players have joined the lawsuit against the NFL to recover compensation for their suffering of TBIs. The problem for the former Eagles’ players is that they waited too long before speaking with a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer about their injuries. Waiting too long has limited the amount of compensation they will receive..

The biggest problem that arises when TBI victims wait before speaking with a Philadelphia personal injury attorney is that every day they wait, the further behind they are in their rehabilitation. Neurologists agree that the most important factor in recovering from a TBI is getting started on rehabilitation as soon as possible. The Eagles participating in the class action lawsuit against the NFL are years behind in their recoveries—their best case scenario at this point is likely to stop the progression of their neurological degeneration.

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