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Philadelphia Accident Lawyers: Determining fault in a rear-end collision

Special circumstances can make determining fault more challenging

Rear-end collisions are known for being fairly straightforward in most cases. By law, when one car is following another, the rearmost vehicle is the one that bears responsibility for keeping a safe speed and distance from the leading vehicle. As a result, most accidents are the fault of the driver who came up from behind. There are some situations, however, where this is not the case, which can be critical to proving your accident claim.

Multiple-car pileups

When several vehicles are grouped closely together, a single rear-end hit can cause a domino effect that becomes a multi-car pileup. In these cases, the rearmost car is still often held responsible, so if you are caught in the middle of such an accident, you will not be held responsible for damages.

Situations where cars in front are responsible

There are also certain circumstances where a leading car may be partially or totally responsible for a rear-end collision. A common example is when car shifts into an accident lane, contributing to the damage or causing new damage that may not have occurred otherwise.

The rear-most driver can also be found without fault if the forward driver is:

If an accident is unavoidable even though the rear driver is driving responsibly, that driver should not be held responsible for the resulting damages.

Drivers involved in these sorts of cases should hire an attorney who can help analyze the facts of an accident and determine who is at fault. Insurance companies often pay for rear-end collisions out of habit; it’s not worth their while to investigate a case that is likely clear-cut from the start. As a result, drivers should not rely on their insurance companies to defend them in rear-end collision cases.

McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC:  Experienced Philadelphia Accident Lawyers

An experienced Philadelphia accident lawyer can look at the facts and help prove that who is really to blame or perhaps that fault is shared for an accident, mitigating the payments required. The attorneys at McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC encourage anyone involved in a car accident to contact their Philadelphia office at 215-569-8488 or online to discuss legal options. They take an aggressive approach to your case and are not afraid to go to trial to secure maximum compensation for you.