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Pennsylvania Truck Inspection Program Steps Up Safety Enforcement

While the Pennsylvania Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program (PAMCSAP) is not new, its recent move to step up the quality of its safety enforcement efforts is. In May, PAMCSAP was given the 2012 Safety Enforcement Improvement Award by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) as proof of its improved roadside truck inspections and other initiatives. Through its performance of better safety enforcement practices and truck inspections, PAMCSAP is keeping unsafe trucks off Pennsylvania’s roads and away from other motorists.

Mission of PAMCSAP

PAMCSAP is federally funded through an FMCSA grant designed to help states decrease the prevalence of truck accidents. The mission of PAMCSAP is to provide effective safety enforcement programs that help to reduce crashes, injuries and deaths related to commercial truck operation on public highways. There are six standard levels of driver and vehicle inspection that states participating in versions of PAMCSAP must follow, which makes for rigorous inspecting duties. Stepping up the quality of all levels of truck inspections is a major factor in improving truck safety.

MCSAP Steps Up

The Pennsylvania State Police run PAMCSAP enforcement efforts, including inspections. There are roughly 30 teams across the state, made up of two to three people apiece who work full time inspecting commercial vehicles. Approximately 10 vehicles are inspected each day by each team, with each inspection lasting anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes. Level one inspections, which are full inspections and include reviewing licenses, logs, truck safety equipment and for possible traffic violations, are the most detailed. Drivers and commercial carrier companies may be cited with many different kinds of violations.

Common Violations

Typical driver inspection violations include invalid driver licenses, inaccurate driver logs, hours-of-service violations and missing or expired medical certificates. Common vehicle inspection violations include exceeding the 80,000-pound weight limit on commercial trucks without a permit, driving with broken safety features like brakes and lights and operating with out-of-service violations such as leaks or low tires. Either or both drivers and truck companies may be fined anywhere from $136 to $1,000 if inspections uncover regulation violations.

Enforcement for Safety

When PAMCSAP inspections uncover violations, particularly out-of-service problems, drivers are not allowed to operate their trucks until the issues are corrected. While PAMCSAP wants to educate drivers and trucking companies about trucking regulations and safety through its inspections, its main goal is to prevent putting trucks back on the road that put drivers and other motorists in danger. The more PAMCSAP can step up its efforts and perform thorough and quality inspections, the safer the roads will be for all Pennsylvania drivers.

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