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What is the CPSC?

Many governmental bodies are involved with protecting the public from defective or harmful products. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is an independent federal government agency responsible for protecting Americans from thousands of unsafe consumer-product types.

Specifically, the CPSC’s mission is to prevent “unreasonable risks of injury or death” from exposure to consumer products that present “fire, electrical, chemical, or mechanical” hazards. The CPSC also targets products that can harm children.

Examples of the kinds of things under the agency’s jurisdiction include:

  • Toys, cribs, walkers and other infant equipment
  • Household chemicals
  • Sporting or recreational equipment like helmets, bikes, spas and pools
  • Power tools like lawn mowers
  • Miscellaneous items like lighters, garage door openers, clothing, furniture, mattresses

Some specialized products like motor vehicles, boats, alcohol, guns, food, drugs and others are handled by other government agencies.

Product Recalls

Recalls are one of the important ways the CPSC protects the public from product defects and dangerous products. The agency recalls defective products or those that do not meet its mandatory legal standards. Recalls are often voluntary in cooperation with involved companies.

Examples of products recalled in May 2012 listed on the CPSC website include certain brands and models of these items: horse bits, hydraulic log splitters, chairs, blenders, mattresses, lamps, climbing ropes, cookware, trampolines, hooded jackets, pool slides, bassinets and step stools.

For each item recalled, the agency releases an announcement directing consumers on how to handle the product and what remedies may be available.

The public is encouraged to report experiences with unsafe products to the CPSC online at

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